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Off grid standalone systems

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Off-grid standalone systems

Intercel supplies batteries (AGM batteries) and associated items for off-grid standalone systems. Off-grid standalone systems are better known as autonomous energy systems or autonomous power systems. The trend is that energy costs will increase because fossil fuels are becoming ever more scarce. Solar energy is used, for example, in order to become less dependent on fossil fuels. At locations where the electricity grid is not available, these off-grid standalone systems are used. They are sustainable systems and environmentally-friendly.

Examples of off-grid standalone systems

Intercel supplies and installs batteries (cyclic batteries: Cellpower CPC batteries) and NiCd batteries for autonomous power systems. The autonomous power systems that Intercel creates are, for example, power systems for LED lighting systems applied in green areas and nature reserves, signalling systems for coal transhipment environments with special solar panels, power systems for pumping water for a badger tunnel, power systems for operating propellers for various water authorities, power systems for velocity measurement and matrix signs. In addition, Intercel also supplies and installs Hoppecke solar power batteries. These are 48V dc systems with a battery capacity of 4700Ah.

Sustainable autonomous energy system

Intercel supplies comprehensive energy systems consisting of CPC batteries, transformers, solar panels, controllers and control boxes for both small and large projects. Intercel supports you with consultancy, the calculations and comprehensive implementation of these projects. We also offer tailor-made maintenance contracts to ensure that the batteries are maintained in the right way, which extends the lifespan of your battery system.

Intercel removes your stress with the development, construction and maintenance of your autonomous energy system. With Intercel, you are green and sustainable.

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