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Solar battery

Batteries for solar panels are used to store energy, just like a fuel tank in a vehicle. The energy which is taken from the batteries also has to be replenished, otherwise the battery will ultimately run empty. When batteries with solar panels are used, the batteries are charged via the solar panel.

AGM batteries for solar panels

The most popular battery used for solar energy applications is a deep cycle AGM lead-acid battery. Intercel supplies AGM batteries for solar panels that have been especially designed for frequent intensive discharging and recharging, making them optimally suitable for cyclic use with solar energy systems. The lifespan of the batteries for a solar energy system is determined by the depth of discharge and the environmental factors. Lead-acid batteries must be handled with care, otherwise the lifespan of the battery will become less. Please ensure that the AGM battery is not discharged too deep and is promptly recharged. One must also bear the environmental temperature in mind. The higher the temperature, the worse this is for the battery. The charge controller of the solar panel system ensures the correct charging current for the batteries, extending their lifespan. Using AGM batteries for solar panels requires little to no maintenance from the user. By contrast, flooded batteries are not maintenance-free; occasionally a distilled water refill is required.

Battery solution for your solar panel system

Intercel supplies solar batteries with storage capacities from 7Ah to 3500Ah. Intercel supplies these battery solutions in various battery types. For example, we offer 2 Volt AGM batteries, 12 Volt AGM batteries and NiCd batteries for solar energy systems. We supply the following types of batteries, all suitable for solar panels. Click on the links below for more information such as data sheets and performance graphs.

Intercel supplies solar panels

If you are looking for information for planning your solar energy system, Intercel is perfect for you. We are happy to provide consultancy about the right selection of components for your solar energy system. Our experienced team designs tailor-made energy systems. Intercel is your expert in the area of AGM batteries, battery accessories and solar panels for solar energy systems. We offer the most recent solar panel technology solutions, in order for you to select the right solar panels.

Solar battery – Solar panel with batteries

Solar panels connected to a battery form a sustainable source of electricity at locations where a connection to electricity grid. This can offer solutions at crucial moments. This applies to applications such as roadside emergency telephones, but also for a camper, a boat or in a beach hut. Intercel supplies the right solar batteries for your energy system.

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