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Maritime Battery

Intercel has the right battery for each and every maritime application. Whether you need additional power for the energy users on board or also have to use the battery to start. All our AGM boat batteries / marine batteries can be charged and discharged frequently (cyclic use). They are all sealed and maintenance-free.

Special battery for use on your boat

There are many activities that make sailing a pleasant and comfortable experience: making a cup of coffee, heating a meal in the microwave, working on your laptop, listening to the radio, etc. Of course, all of these are impossible without a reliable battery! This is why Intercel offers the shipping industry a reliable and extremely secure series of batteries. An AGM battery is maintenance-free and has been especially developed for frequent deep charging and discharging (cyclic use), which makes them optimally suitable for the shipping industry. This ensures you a carefree sailing season.

Boat battery – Why the Intercel boat battery?

Boat batteries come in a range of different sizes. That is why battery wholesaler Intercel offers a complete range of cyclic batteries for maritime applications. Our AGM and Gel batteries have been specifically designed for cyclic use, which is important when choosing a good boat battery. It is important to use a maintenance-free battery for Marine applications. Choosing maintenance-free batteries also allows you to save on maintenance costs compared to flooded lead-acid batteries.

Deep Cycle batteries

Our cyclic batteries for boats and ships are also called Deep Cycle batteries. Deep Cycle batteries are developed for intensive discharging and charging. The major difference between a real Deep Cycle battery and other batteries is that Deep Cycle batteries are equipped with thicker solid lead plates. This makes them more robust and vibration-proof, ultimately making them perfect for maritime use.


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