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Batteries for the shipping industry

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Purchase a reliable marine battery

Intercel is a specialised supplier of marine batteries. We supply lithium and AGM batteries for both the professional shipping industry and pleasure boats. We have a wide range of battery solutions in stock and can rapidly provide the battery that suits your ship and application. When a standard solution does not suffice, we are happy to design a tailor-made battery pack.

Need marine batteries for accessories or electric sailing?

Batteries can have various applications on boats and ships. Until recently, batteries in the shipping industry were primarily used for lights, accessories and starting the engine. These batteries are also called light batteries. Since the advent of hybrid and electric sailing, batteries are increasingly used as a power source for the electric engine.

Environmentally-friendly and quiet sailing with a powerful marine battery

Electric sailing has many benefits. It is for instance comfortable and environmentally-friendly. Compared to a diesel engine, an electric engine causes almost no vibrations and noise. During the sailing, an electric engine does not emit CO2 or particulate matter. Battery-powered sailing is also extremely safe. Batteries are very reliable and can constantly be monitored during use. When you opt for battery-powered sailing, you are preparing your ship(s) for a sustainable future.

Lithium batteries for electric sailing

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are ideal marine batteries for electric sailing. They have an extremely high energy density – up to three times more than traditional batteries – and are very safe. In addition, the batteries are extremely light, maintenance-free and have a very short charge time. Due to the fact that lithium batteries can be switched for unlimited purposes, they can be used in almost every ship. You can find lithium marine batteries in tourist boats, ferries, patrol boats and pleasure boats.

Batteries for other maritime applications

AGM batteries are usually used for other maritime applications, such as the lights and other equipment on board. The AGM batteries from the Cellpower CPC series are suitable for cyclic use and can be used in private vessels such as sailing boats and small motorboats. This series runs from 12Volt 9Ah to 12 Volt 250Ah, and has a 10-hour discharge time. For a higher capacity with the same dimensions we offer the Cellpower CPX series. AGM batteries are sometimes used for electric engines as well.

Marine battery for large ships

Cellpower 2 Volt AGM batteries are very suitable for the professional shipping industry. For maritime applications where a high capacity is requested, we offer 2 Volt battery solutions. This allows, by way of a series connection, a 6V, 12V, 24V (etc.) battery system to be created with a capacity of up to 3500Ah. We can offer the most suitable battery system for every industrial tailor-made solution.

Intercel, the trusted supplier of your marine batteries

Do you wish to purchase a marine battery? Intercel has many years of experience in supplying marine batteries. From pleasure boats to tailor-made battery systems for large vessels. Intercel offers you consultancy so you can locate the marine battery that matches your vessel. Contact us to discuss the possibilities, without obligation.


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