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Electric sailing

Reliable batteries for electric sailing

The maritime industry is currently lagging behind in sustainability, compared to vehicles, for example. In addition to the fact that it is less sustainable, it is also more expensive. Currently, the majority of boats use a diesel-powered engine. Switching to an electric engine has many benefits. Intercel has considerable experience supplying the correct battery for your boat.

Benefits of electric sailing

The benefits that a battery offer for sailing are more than simply sustainability: it is also cheaper in the long term. Firstly, this is due to constantly rising fuel prices, which then leads to even higher costs for using fuel. Secondly, a battery will last longer than a lead-acid battery, due to the fact that they can be recharged and have a longer cycle life. Moreover, lead-acid batteries are noisy, heavy and high maintenance.

Lithium batteries for ships

Intercel offers a lithium battery for ships. The benefit of using this battery is that they are lighter and more compact than normal lead-acid batteries. This ensures that they are easier to install. In addition, the lithium battery requires no maintenance, due to the fact that the Battery Management System ensures that all cells are recharged in a proportional and balanced way. The battery simply has to be recharged. Fortunately, charging this battery is very efficient and simple, saving time and energy. In addition, lithium batteries are less affected by weather conditions than normal lead-acid batteries, so the batteries maintain considerably more capacity.

Capacity to produce tailor-made batteries

Do you have any special wishes? Different dimensions, an extreme application under extreme conditions, certain communication requirements. Intercel is able to produce a tailor-made battery that meets all your requirements.

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