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Batteries for the rehabilitation sector

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Medical care entails increasingly more innovations in the 21st century. In a society where people live longer and the population will increase, the quality of our lives will be an important point of attention. Medical equipment and rehabilitation applications allow us to live a healthier and more mobile life. The functionality of medical applications will increasingly be dependent on a battery.

Reliable AGM batteries for medical applications

Intercel supplies the right battery for all electric rehabilitation aids and appliances. Typical examples of these aids and appliances are lifts. For example, patient lifts, bath lifts and stair lifts. In addition, we have special batteries for cyclic use (regular discharge and recharge) for electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters. For medical applications it is important to guarantee a high level of care and well-being by way of a high-quality battery. That is why Intercel constantly strives to supply high-quality AGM batteries for medical and rehabilitation applications.

CP series from Cellpower, multifunctional use  |  CPL series from Cellpower, long lifespan  |  NP series from YUASA, multifunctional use

VRLA and Lithium batteries with superior performances

At Intercel we understand that safety and reliability are important requirements for all medical applications. That is why we guarantee the quality of our batteries for the medical sector as well as possible. Intercel offers a range of VRLA and lithium batteries for medical applications that have been developed to resist various environmental factors without malfunction or loss of capacity. We believe 100% in the quality of our products and extensively test these to ensure that you can always rely on our battery solutions.

Battery chargers for rehabilitation aids and appliances

Intercel has especially selected 24V battery chargers for charging the batteries of rehabilitation aids and appliances. In addition to our wide range of Cyclic AGM batteries for medical and rehabilitation applications, we also supply Cellpower L CP battery chargers. These battery chargers have been medically certified and approved for rehabilitation and medical care applications. Cellpower battery chargers are extremely user-friendly and easy to operate.

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