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Battery for electric wheelchair

Wheelchair battery, battery for electric wheelchair

Stay active and on the go with a quality, dependable wheelchair battery from Intercel Europe. We offer replacement wheelchair batteries for all brands and manufacturers. Our quality line of rechargeable wheelchair batteries are powerful, leak proof, maintenance free and can be installed in any position. We have in stock all sizes of wheelchair batteries and related battery accessories such as a suitable battery chargers. For years, Intercel has supplied the physical therapy sector with high quality lead-acid batteries for use in electric wheelchairs. Especially where electric wheel chairs are concerned, reliability and a consistent long-term supply of power are of the utmost importance. The quality our Cellpower series of AGM batteries offers unparalleled ease-of-use, safety and comfort, meaning users can derive maximum enjoyment from their electric wheelchair. These batteries are highly resistant to deep discharge and can be recharged many times.

Increase the reliability of your electric wheelchair

No matter the circumstances, Intercel feels that users who depend on electric wheelchairs for their mobility should be able to count on their battery’s reliability. Sudden battery failure can have catastrophic consequences for an electric wheelchair, and no user should have to be confronted with an electric wheelchair that suddenly grinds to a halt. Intercel guarantees that the quality of its batteries is unsurpassed, making them a singularly trustworthy solution for electric wheelchairs.

Which wheelchair battery do I need?

Find the wheelchair battery you need with our specific Cyclic AGM batteries. Two types of deep-cycle batteries are used in wheelchairs: AGM or Gel. If you need help selecting the right wheelchair battery, please contact our Intercel team by e-mail or telephone. In addition to a wide variety of wheelchair batteries we also supply battery chargers and inverters to provide continuous battery power. Listed below are the battery series most suited for use with electric wheelchairs:

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