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Battery for mobility scooter

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Lead-acid batteries for use in mobility scooters have been supplied to the rehabilitation sector by Intercel for many years. The reliability and the long-lasting supply of energy for your mobility scooter is crucial. The AGM battery from the Cellpower CPC-series is of a quality that will offer you much ease of use, safety, comfort and pleasure over a long period of time. These batteries are perfectly suited for deep discharging and can be recharged many times.

24V Medical battery chargers for mobility scooters

Intercel has a wide range of suitable 24V battery chargers for mobility scooters. A large number of these 24V battery chargers meet the medical norms, where they are perfectly suitable to charge the battery pack of your mobility scooter.

A reliable mobility scooter with an Intercel battery

Batteries for mobility scooters must be reliable. Their users are very dependent on the proper operation of these units. Without a good battery a mobility scooter can stop during a journey. We attach great value to the quality of our batteries. That is why you can be confident that these will not let you down.

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