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Battery for security systems

The continuity of an application, such as a fire alarm, emergency lighting or alarm system, is determined by the quality of the battery system. Intercel understands how important the proper performance of a security system is. If you are looking for the best battery solution for security systems, we can supply batteries and battery accessories which are the safest and the best choice for your security systems.

Our world relies on electricity: from the smallest companies to large-scale industry. The amount of applications which use this electricity is endless. When it concerns our safety, reliable security systems are of major importance. The systems that protect our lives and properties must always function properly. A good security system is dependent on a robust and reliable battery solution.

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Choose the right battery for your security system

Is it essential that, in the case of a power outage, your alarm system stays operational? Is your workspace dependent on safety and security? Intercel offers a wide range of batteries and battery packs to back up security systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting fixtures and other autonomous security systems. Our batteries have been subjected to strict quality checks and test procedures, so they can always reach the level that ensures their reliability. Naturally, Intercel understands that no security system is the same. That is why we also offer the possibility of supplying tailor-made battery solutions to client specifications.

Increase your security with Intercel batteries

If reliable power is your primary concern, Intercel has everything in house to supply high-quality battery solutions. As experienced battery supplier, we have battery solutions which meet your exact specifications. Our committed engineers can assist you with the required maintenance, service and installation. Are you looking for a specific security battery, or do you wish to discover more about our products or additional services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Security battery – SB 7-12

The SB 7-12 has been developed especially for the security market. The 12 Volt 7 Ah lead-acid battery for security systems is the best-selling battery. That is why Intercel has developed a lead-acid battery which meets all requirements especially for this market. The SB 7-12 has been VdS-certified.

Security Battery – 12 Volt 7 Ah lead-acid battery

Battery for alarm system

The right battery for your alarm system

Battery and battery packs for emergency lighting

Batteries for central emergency lighting and battery packs for decentralised emergency lighting

Battery for fire alarm system

The reliable battery for your fire alarm system

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