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Batteries for camera systems

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Batteries for camera systems

Intercel supplies suitable batteries for camera systems. Our batteries are extremely reliable and have a long lifespan, so that you can confidently leave the object you are securing. We supply our energy solutions from stock, so we can deliver your battery packs directly to you. In addition to the standard batteries for camera systems, we are also happy to think along with you to create a tailor-made solution.

How does a mobile camera system work?

Temporary camera poles are erected to secure construction and event sites, for instance. These mobile camera systems are also called UFOs (Unit For Observation). The units generally consist of an advanced camera and motion detector which is connected to an alarm centre, where they are monitored live by a staff member. This staff member warns a security company or the police upon seeing something suspicious

Temporary camera systems are used for the security of:

  • construction sites
  • infrastructure
  • events
  • vacant properties
  • parking places
  • storage spaces
  • wind farms and solar parks

Why is the battery so crucial to a camera system?

Batteries supply the energy required to allow the camera system to function. Therefore, the battery can be considered the beating heart of a mobile camera system. It is therefore crucial that the batteries are reliable and can supply long-term energy.

Rely on Intercel batteries

Intercel has been supplying high-quality batteries for camera systems for many years. Our battery packs for camera systems will effortlessly last for multiple days and can be monitored remotely. When they need to be charged, you can do this rapidly via the electricity grid or solar energy. We will be happy to offer you consultancy about the suitable batteries for your system, and design tailor-made solutions if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities, without obligation.

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