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Retired and working with passion

Pieter Gabriëls | Intercel

Quality is more important than time

An interview with Pieter Gabriëls, Intercel’s new Managing Director. Congratulations on your new role as managing director of Intercel....
Jacques Cijntje | Intercel

Retired and working with passion

A close-knit team or a family to put it in a better way An interview with Jacques Cijntje, electromechanic...

We are closed between Christmas and New Year

The end of the year is approaching, which means the holidays are just around the corner. As every year,...
Cecillia & Viorica | Intercel

It is a great technical playground

“Lots of dynamics, fast growth and precise shifting.”   An interview with Viorica Stavila, Electrician and Cecillia Man Siu...

Checklist for finding the right electrification partner

6 tips when searching for the right partner Are you still looking for a supplier? These tips can help...
Pride Mobility & Intercel

Reliable delivery matters most

“Forecasting is the magic word.” Pride Mobility is the market leader in electric medical mobility applications. These are respectable...

Plug in once a day and then work all day

“We have been progressive and that has helped us a lot.” An interview with Dries van Wijk, managing director...
De Groene Aggregaat - Intercel - Rittal

90% diesel savings with a hybrid generator

Playing a prominent role in the necessary energy transition together A rapid energy transition from diesel to electric is...
Sebastian Schneider Sven Seibel Intercel

The combination of a sustainable proposition and strong international ambition

“Great! It feels immediate to be part of the Intercel family.” An interview with Sebastian Schneider & Sven Seibel,...

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