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We grow together


Plug in once a day and then work all day

“We have been progressive and that has helped us a lot.” An interview with Dries van Wijk, managing director...
De Groene Aggregaat - Intercel - Rittal

90% diesel savings with a hybrid generator

Playing a prominent role in the necessary energy transition together A rapid energy transition from diesel to electric is...
Sebastian Schneider Sven Seibel Intercel

The combination of a sustainable proposition and strong international ambition

“Great! It feels immediate to be part of the Intercel family.” An interview with Sebastian Schneider & Sven Seibel,...
Maaike Agricola Intercel

We grow together

“You never see them but they are indispensable”.   An interview with Maaike Agricola HR Manager at Intercel. HR...
Patrick Roos | Intercel

We are all working together

An interview with Patrick Roos, Senior Account Manager. 21 years of Intercel! What have you seen in that time?...
Vincent Kleintjens Intercel

Working together towards smart success

Actually making a significant contribution to electrification. Practical and pragmatic. An interview with Vincent Kleintjens, owner of Intercel. What...

The Custa on Zero Emission | Ecomobiel 2022

During the National Energy Week, the Eco-Excavator project will present the Custa at the Zero Emission | Ecomobiel event...
REHACARE 2022 - Intercel

Intercel presents Lead Carbon at REHACARE

Lead Carbon
Intercel will present sustainable batteries for the rehabilitation sector and medical applications at the world-leading trade fair REHACARE from...
Accupakket waterstof aangedreven graafmachine

Battery pack for hydrogen-powered excavator Custa

Customised battery for zero-emission hydrogen-powered excavator Custa Machines are responsible for no less than 9% of CO2 emissions from...

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