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Batteries that make a difference for people

Working together openly and without secrets

Vermeiren 1,000 employees and active in 45 countries
“We care for you” is the slogan of the Belgian family business that has been in existence since 1957. The company develops and produces a large and versatile range of products to make mobility increasingly accessible for the elderly and disabled, among others. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters in all shapes and sizes are important products in this respect. Vermeiren occupies a special position in that market by keeping part of the production in Europe, outside the production facilities in China and India.

Partner of the user
Mark van Ginneken, Product Specialist at Vermeiren, shares with us his ambition to continuously improve the user-friendliness and technical specifications of electrical products. Three core values are always central to this: technical innovation, availability and flexibility to offer the end user exactly what he or she needs. Within these 3 core values, a close partnership between Vermeiren and Intercel has developed over the past 10 years. Innovation, open cooperation and access to knowledge play a decisive role in this.

Present and future
Mark van Ginneken has an important goal for the future: to continue to listen attentively and sincerely to consumers in order to develop and offer exactly the right tools. “Only in this way can we continue to grow as a manufacturer. The user is central, whether it be the elderly, adults or children with mobility needs, needs change at every stage and we want to be the best possible partner for our customers. Our Vermeiren brand serves the needs of our customers.

Lead Carbon: battery technology that makes a difference
Vermeiren is always looking for possibilities that can contribute to better performance, more compact construction and ease of use. About two years ago, Intercel contacted Vermeiren to present a new generation of batteries as an alternative to the standard AGM batteries. Both Vermeiren and Intercel carried out intensive tests to determine whether this battery offered significant advantages for the end user. The various tests delivered exactly these results and soon the first line of products with these new Lead Carbon batteries was taken into production. Compactness, durability and especially the intensive use of the battery were decisive.
Mark van Ginneken: “We are always looking for the next step, the knowledge and service of Intercel convinced us quickly. Now that the first product range is equipped with these batteries, we will continue to scale up with other products. For me, the openness during the research phase and the substantive knowledge of Intercel was particularly impressive and the basis for this major step.”

Sustainable future
Vermeiren sees sustainability as a precondition and chooses suppliers with a clear vision in this respect. The Lead Carbon battery fits in well because of its improved lifespan and because the product is 99% recyclable. Mark van Ginneken aptly describes the cooperation with Intercel: “Open and without secrets.

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