Battery applications

Battery Applications

Intercel provides total solutions for a range of battery applications. Intercel also has all the accessories in house, including battery chargers, testers and converters. With more than 25 years of experience, Intercel dares to call itself an expert in battery applications.

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Intercel supplies batteries for the following battery applications

Battery for security


Is there any company that does not depend on automated systems? With batteries of the highest quality, Intercel makes an important contribution to the security of your systems. Not just in the form of the highest quality batteries for whatever applications, but by supplying a reliable emergency-power system. Battery for fire alarm systems

Batteries for sustainable use


Intercel supplies batteries of exceptional quality for sustainable energy systems, such as solar power and wind energy. The batteries can take a knock and are resistant to high ambient temperatures. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the battery that is best for your system. Read more

Battery for lifts

Intercel supplies closed maintenance-free lead batteries for elevated work platforms and scissor lifts. A closed AGM battery for lifts is charged regularly in these applications and these batteries are known as Deep Cycle batteries. Intercel supplies those in two versions - cyclical and heavy-duty cyclical use. For cyclical use we recommend the Cellpower CPC series. The Cellpower CPT series is particularly suitable for heavy-duty cyclical use. Read more

Battery for cleaning

Cleaning is a profession in its own right. It is important that the machines are powerful enough. Intercel provides the right closed maintenance-free batteries for all large vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and sweepers. An AGM battery for cleaning machines has been developed especially for cyclical use, i.e. regular charging and discharging. Intercel provides a wide range of AGM batteries - from 6 and 12 Volt to 360Ah - for cleaning machines. Read more

Battery for recreation - Leisure

In order to supply the perfect boat or campervan, you need a reliable battery. For leisure market applications Intercel provides the best batteries that are of course resistant to shocks and vibrations. AGM batteries are extremely suitable or if you are looking for more intensive use, LiFEPO4 batteries that achieve three times as many cycles as regular lead batteries. For extreme cyclical use, Intercel developed the Cellpower CPX series. Read more

Battery for telephone exchange - Adjusted Front Access

Intercel has plenty of experience in advice on and supplying batteries for telecommunication applications and has an extremely broad range. Intercel has included the Cellpower front-access / FA batteries in its range, specifically for telecoms cabinets and small racks. This model is small and has its connections at the top end. Read more

Battery for rehabilitation - Mobility and support

We live longer and quality of life is an important issue. Medical equipment and rehabilitation applications are becoming more and more advanced. Intercel likes to make its contribution in the shape of top-quality batteries. For all electrically driven aids, Intercel supplies the correct battery, for example for bath and stair lifts, but also for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Read more

Battery for UPS/emergency-power systems

In order to keep data secure, you need an emergency-power supply that works to perfection - every time. That is the only way to ensure that all data remain available correctly and to all the right people in the event of a power cut. When the grid goes down, an emergency-power system or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures that computers and other equipment continue to have their power supply. A reliable battery system is the first requirement. Intercel always supplies the best quality batteries for emergency-power provisions. Read more

Battery for measuring equipment

Intercel supplies the right battery for all types of measuring equipment. For small meters, such as multimeters, laser guns and process meters Intercel has the right battery in stock. For larger meters, such as speed radars, traffic counters and other traffic systems, Intercel supplies AGM batteries, NiCd batteries and lithium batteries. Read more

Battery for data centre

Intercel supplies and installs the best AGM battery for data centres. The emergency-power supply of a data centre is a critical component and is also known as a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). Servers simply have to be available at all times and may not stop working in the event of a power cut. You can only guarantee this with a reliable battery system. Read more

More than batteries

The world is changing rapidly and technology has become our best friend. Everything is mobile, operates with remote control or requires a back-up. The question for the future is What is the most efficient way to store sustainable energy? Intercel supplies, maintains, tests and designs batteries. Making energy available 24/7 with the least possible impact on the environment. That is what Intercel's contribution is aimed at. Our objective: Always the smartest product for your application.

AGM accu's

AGM batteries

Environmentally friendly and maintenance free

AGM batteries are perfect for almost every application. Environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, relatively economical and because of their long lifespan they are ideal for emergency systems, telephone exchanges and alarm systems, but also for lawn mowers, wheelchairs or vacuum cleaners.


Battery chargers

Always 100% ready

Batteries need to be charged regularly, even with minimal use. Intercel supplies all types of chargers, for example a combi-charger with waterproof housing or a drip charger that drip-charges the battery to ensure it is always 100% charged.

gell accu's

GEL batteries

Vibrations and shocks are not a problem

Gel batteries are super stable and a mechanical powerhouse, and resist vibrations or shocks without any difficulties. They are just as environmentally friendly as their brother AGM, but suitable for more applications including solar power and wind energy, in vehicles or at sea.


Battery testers

Optimum performance

What is the point of a battery if it does not perform in the best possible way? Regular testing is key. Intercel tests on site with a DC Loadbank, which simulates an emergency or it supplies user-friendly software so you can perform the tests.

Lithium accu's

Lithium batteries

Modern applications

In lithium batteries, the LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate) is the basis of modern applications, such as laptops and smartphones. Light-weight, but a heavy weight when it comes to discharges and high currents. Intercel supplies customised lithium battery packs.


Emergency light packs

For every fitting

Intercel provides a range of battery packs for emergency lighting; alongside or on top of each other and of course resistant against high ambient temperatures. With the correct connection, Cellpower battery packs can be supplied for every type of emergency light fitting.

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