APC RBC replacement with Intercel batteries!

APC RBC replacement with Intercel batteries!

By their very nature, power outages are almost impossible to predict. They can strike suddenly, potentially damaging or crippling your production process, services, data management or other important aspects of your business. It’s no wonder that many companies choose to protect their vital systems with a UPS. These solutions counter the unpredictable nature of power failures – but battery life plays an important role in their function. For optimal security and readiness, UPS batteries should be replaced regularly.

APC RBC battery replacement for UPS

For UPS systems which use an APC RBC (Replacement Battery Cartridge), finding the right replacement is not always easy – there are many different APC RBC replacement solutions to choose from. To ensure you UPS continues to function correctly, it’s important that you select the right APC RBC battery or battery pack for the task. Intercel can help you with this.

Custom-made APC RBC UPS battery replacement solutions

When replacing the RBC in an APC UPS, you have to be certain that the batteries used meet the operating conditions of your application. After all, the reliability of your UPS depends on the reliability of your batteries. Therefore, any APC RBC batteries you decide to install must always be perfectly tailored to your emergency power system. 

Give us your APC RBC battery model number!

Intercel’s APC RBC replacement solutions offer the highest level of dependability in this area – our APC RBC battery packs are custom-made for your system, based on the model number of your existing battery. This means they will always meet the required specifications, ensuring you will never have to worry about your UPS’ reliability. In addition, Intercel’s approach has another important advantage: you only have to give us the model number of your current APC RBC to find a replacement. Time-consuming searches in confusing product lists are a thing of the past.

Installation and maintenance of APC RBC battery solutions

Choosing to replace your APC RBC with an Intercel battery solution has many benefits. We offer a standard 1-year warranty on all AGM batteries used in our APC RBC battery packs. However, batteries in the Cellpower CPW battery series come with a 3-year warranty – and if you decide to let Intercel’s trained mechanics replace your APC RBC battery packs with Cellpower CPW batteries, this warranty can be extended to 5 years under certain conditions. The result is care-free, long-term emergency power.

Intercel’s battery specialists have years of experience with the replacement, installation and maintenance of APC RBC battery solutions. This makes us uniquely suited to fulfill all your UPS battery needs. Furthermore, we use sustainable battery solutions which are almost 100% recyclable.  Not only does Intercel make your UPS more reliable – we also make it more environmentally friendly.

Cellpower CPW warranty conditions

Cellpower CPW warranty conditions.pdf
Cellpower CPW warranty conditions UPS.pdf