Battery for sweeper

Need a battery for your floor sweeper?

With their ability to quickly and effectively clear away dust and debris from floor surfaces, industrial floor sweepers are among the cleaning industry’s most vital tools. Though they vary in size and performance, these floor sweepers require powerful sealed batteries to operate. The broad range of sealed AGM batteries Intercel provides for use with floor sweepers perfectly cater to the cleaning industry's needs; rated between 6V and 12V with capacity ranging up to 360 Ah, our maintenance-free batteries offer exceptional quality.

These products are suitable for sweeper machines

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    • Sweeper battery collection

      Through our expansive collection of sweeper batteries, searching for the right size, application or recommended sweeper battery is simple. We supply battery products from several manufacturers, which means we have the product assortment necessary to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. If you are looking for the most comprehensive offering of the best quality batteries for sweepers, Intercel is the top source for a wide range of sweeper batteries.

      Advantages of AGM batteries for sweeper machines

    High capacity design, higher energy density  |  Excellent deep cycle property, Longer service life  |  Private grid construction design and paste recipe, high charging acceptance ability  |  Private valve regulated seal construction; safe, leak proof and reliable  |  Outstanding vibration-resistant, wide operation temperature  |  Lower self-discharge, better storage capability

    Choose the correct battery for your floor sweeper

    Intercel offers various batteries from the Cellpower batteries series for use in floor sweepers:

    CPC series by Cellpower, deep-cycle use  |  CPX series by Cellpower, extreme deep-cycle use  |  CPT series by Cellpower, heavy deep-cycle use

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