Vacuum cleaner battery

Vacuum cleaner battery

Vacuum cleaner batteries from Intercel can help improve the run time for industrial vacuum cleaner machines. We provide high quality VRLA battery products for vacuum cleaning machines, specific for cyclic use. Intercel Europe is a worldwide distributor of the widest selection of vacuum cleaner batteries.

If you need a dust-free work environment without dirt or lint lying around in the workplace, you might consider using industrial battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Many different types and sizes of AGM batteries are available for these vacuum cleaners. For industrial vacuum cleaners, Intercel supplies both 6V batteries and 12V batteries with up to 360Ah of capacity.

These products are suitable for vacuum cleaners

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    Advantages of AGM batteries for vacuum cleaner

      High capacity design, higher energy density  |  Excellent deep cycle property, Longer service life  |  Private grid construction design and paste recipe, high charging acceptance ability  |  Private valve regulated seal construction; safe, leak proof and reliable  |  Outstanding vibration-resistant, wide operation temperature  |  Lower self-discharge, better storage capability

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