Battery for UPS / Emergency power systems

Dedicated batteries for UPS and emergency power systems

An emergency power system, also known as a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is an electrical device dedicated to providing emergency power to computers and other important machines for a limited period of time in the event of mains power failure. Naturally, a dependable UPS-system cannot be constructed without a dependable battery system.

These products are suitable for emergency power systems

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Assembly and maintenance of UPS, NO-BREAK and emergency battery systems

Intercel is specialized in the assembly and maintenance of battery systems for UPS and NO-BREAK installations. In such battery systems, power is usually provided by sealed, maintenance-free AGM batteries. Intercel supplies different battery series with specific attributes such as long life and the ability to withstand high current.

Your UPS, NO-BREAK or emergency battery system needs an Intercel battery

Intercel recommends the following lead-acid batteries for emergency power:

CPH series by Cellpower or NPH series by YUASA, high current use  |  CPL series by Cellpower, long life use  |  CPW series by Cellpower or UPS-MRX series by C&D TECHNOLOGIES, high-current and long life use

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