Battery for measurement equipment

Need a battery for your measurement equipment?

Our dedication to quality means Intercel understands how important it is for businesses to be able to rely on the measurement equipment they use. As a result, we can provide the right battery for every measurement device - regardless of size or type. Whether you wish to power a radar gun or multimeter, Intercel has the measurement equipment battery you need. We also supply lead-acid batteries, NiCd batteries or battery packs for larger measurement equipment such as speed cameras, traffic volume counters and other traffic systems.

These products are suitable for measuring equipment

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Intercel - always the right battery for your measurement equipment

The following are the most popular lead-acid batteries for measurement equipment

CP series by Cellpower or NP series by YUASA, multi-purpose use | CPL series by Cellpower, long life use

Intercel also stocks NiCd batteries for measurement equipment.

Measurement equipment battery packs

Intercel battery packs and power cells.

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