RV battery, batteries for recreational purposes

Installing a high quality AGM battery in your RV (recreational vehicle) means exceptional running time and more recharges than you’d get out of a traditional lead-acid battery. We offer a wide range of RV batteries, which is perfect for golf carts, boats with trolling motors, extensive electronic systems, or RVs with creature comforts that tend to drain batteries quickly. With stronger, longer-lasting VRLA battery products, your RV will have the power to go anywhere. Intercel offers a broad range of maintenance-free AGM batteries for recreational purposes. These AGM recreational batteries have been specially designed for use in boats, RVs, caravans, campervans and other similar recreational applications where a battery may be subjected to lengthy and deep discharge, shocks and vibrations.

These products are suitable for recreational purposes

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RV battery for extreme applications

RV batteries aren’t just able to operate, they are designed for operations in extreme latitudes. From equatorial heat to polar ice, Intercel delivers extreme Deep Cycle AGM batteries ready for it, and it presents no match for their tough and rugged construction. Although the number of RV industry applications are endless, we know there are multiple marine and mobile applications powered by reliable battery solutions offered by Intercel in that area. As our customers present us with applications nearing the poles, they find comfort knowing that our VRLA batteries are not damaged by extreme temperatures.

Deep cycle batteries for recreational applications

Batteries in the Cellpower CPX series were specially developed for extremely demanding deep-cycle recreational applications. When compared to other batteries with the same casing, batteries in the CPX series can achieve a duty cycle increase of up to 20% to 30%. This series was designed for mobile recreational applications, using the most modern techniques and materials available. High pressure assembly guarantees unprecedented reliability under even the most demanding conditions. Furthermore, the low internal resistance prevents the voltage from dropping too far when large amounts of current are drawn from the recreational battery, such as during the acceleration of your boat or recreational vehicle.


Recreational batteries are available in all shapes and sizes at Intercel

Intercel’s battery series best suited for recreational use are listed below:

CPC series by Cellpower, deep-cycle use  |  CPX series by

Cellpower, extreme deep-cycle use  |  CPT series by Cellpower, heavy deep-cycle use  |  NPC series by YUASA, deep-cycle use

RV battery benefits by Intercel

Intercel Expertise - we have more than 25 years of experience developing and producing AGM batteries for RV applications. Below you see the best benefits of our RV batteries. Superior Construction, lowest internal resistance
Long Service Life / Unmatched Life-Cycles, 600-800 life cycles at 50% discharges
Low Self Discharge, self discharge around 2% per month
Maintenance free, leak proof

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