Marine battery

Marine battery

Marine batteries has both massive starting power and superlative deep cycling capability — up to 800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. With twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional marine batteries, Cyclic AGM batteries are ideal for trolling, starting, and for powering the many on-board electronic accessories common in today’s boats and shipping applications. So whether you're powering up a 120-foot yacht or a 15-foot troller, Intercel Europe has just the right battery for just about everyone.

These products are suitable for boats and ships

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Marine battery: what is important?

When it comes to a marine battery, you have all kind of different sizes. Which is why batteries wholesale Intercel offers a full line of marine batteries that gives you exactly what you need. Our AGM and Gel batteries are specific designed for cyclic use, what’s important by the choice for the right marine battery. It is important to install a spill proof maintenance free battery for Marine applications. With the choice for a maintenance free marine battery you reduce the costs of your maintenance service in comparing to wet lead-acid batteries.

Looking for the best battery for your boat?

Intercel's wide range of specialized AGM batteries means we can deliver the right battery for any specific maritime application. Whether you need to supply extra current to your onboard power consumers or need to battery to also function as a starter battery, Intercel has your needs covered. All our AGM boat batteries and maritime batteries are optimized for frequent charging and discharging. They are also sealed and maintenance-free, making them superbly safe.

Special battery for use on your boat

There are many onboard activities that help make boating more comfortable and enjoyable. After all, being able to make a cup of coffee, heat a meal in your microwave, work on your laptop or listen to the radio are vital creature comforts. Without a reliable battery, however, none of this would be possible. Fortunately, Intercel offers a series of dependable and superlatively safe boat and maritime batteries. Both maintenance-free and capable of deep-cycle use, these AGM batteries can safely be charged and discharged repeatedly. Intercel's batteries are perfect for maritime applications, and using them will guarantee you a carefree boating season.

Why choose an Intercel boat battery?

Intercel delivers various Cellpower-brand boat batteries and maritime batteries, each with their own set of special properties. In essence, Intercel has a battery for every type of boat.

Select the right battery for your boat

Our product catalogue contains many different types of boat batteries and maritime batteries, each of them offering unique features:

CPC series by Cellpower, for deep-cycle applications such as bow thrusters, also perfect as a starter battery CPT series by Cellpower, excellent for heavier deep-cycle applications such as hybrid or electric boats CPX series by Cellpower, for use in extreme deep cycle applications

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