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Battery for camper / caravan

In our modern lifestyle and need for electric and electronic products to accompany us on holidays and on our travels by camper or caravan has brought us to have independent power when away from mains supply. An camper battery is critical for operating its lights, the water pump and any other appliances that might be inside and which you rely on for comfortable camping. A reliable battery for your camper or caravan helps you for a familiarly holiday.

These products are suitable for camper | caravan

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AGM batteries for RVs, caravans and caravan movers 

AGM batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat) in my opinion are the best choice for caravans and campers. An AGM battery can be discharged below the 50% level – even up to 20%, but we recommend to discharge you battery up to 50% for a long service life. When you regular discharge you battery up to 20%, damage can be done. AGM batteries You can store these batteries inside your camper or caravan and even store them on their sides if you have to, and if you leave an AGM battery in storage, unattended for an extended period you can recharge it again without any deterioration or loss of efficiency. Intercel supplies lighting batteries for RVs, caravans and caravan movers. The batteries used for these purposes are also called recreational batteries. As these AGM batteries are often intensively charged and discharged, Intercel supplies batteries specially developed for deep-cycle applications. 

Are you looking for the right battery for your RV, caravan or caravan mover?

A 12V semi-traction battery with capacity of at least 60 Ampères - also known as an RV, lighting or hobby battery - can easily be used in an RV or caravan. Unlike starter batteries such as car batteries, these batteries can withstand deep discharge. For caravan movers, Intercel recommends a 110Ah semi-traction battery.

AGM starter battery for caravans and camper vans

Intercel does not supply standard starter batteries for use in caravans and camper vans. As an alternative, our product range includes an AGM starter battery. This is a unique type of battery suited for both starter and deep-cycle applications.

Gel battery for caravans and camper vans

Intercel supply pbq gel batteries for caravans and camper vans. The pbq Gel series is specially made for cyclic applications.

Accessory batteries for your camper van, caravan or caravan mover

In addition to this AGM starter battery Intercel has a wide range of accessory batteries for your camper van. These secondary batteries are available in various capacity ranges, all the way up to 250Ah. Listed below are the AGM battery series supplied by Intercel for camper vans, caravans and caravan movers.

Overview of Intercel accessory batteries

CPC series by Cellpower, deep-cycle use  |  NPC series by YUASA, deep-cycle use


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