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As the 21st century brings us more innovations in medical care, human life spans will continue to increase – and in a society where people live increasingly longer lives, quality of living becomes an important concern. Home medical equipment and physical rehabilitation solutions allow us to lead fuller, healthier lives by assisting in recovery and enhancing mobility. More and more, these vital medical applications rely on AGM batteries to function.

These products are suitable for rehabilitation applications

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Batteries for physical therapy aids

Proper physical therapy can allow disabled individuals to regain quality of life on an unprecedented scale. This branch of physical therapy often uses physical therapy aids that are electrically powered, and Intercel strives to provide the right battery for each physical therapy aid. Typical examples of physical therapy aids are electrically-powered lifts such as patient lifts, bath lifts and stairlifts. We also provide specialized deep-cycle batteries for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, whose batteries must be capable of withstanding frequent charging and discharging. 

Reliable batteries for Home Medical Equipment

In our long-lived world, access to reliable medical batteries is necessary to guarantee high standards of care and wellbeing. That’s why Intercel Europe consistently strives to deliver high-quality batteries for medical care applications.

Medical care batteries with superior performance

At Intercel, we understand that safety and reliability are a key requirement for all medical applications. As such, we go to considerable lengths to guarantee that our medical care batteries are safe and dependable. we offer a range of lithium batteries and AGM batteries for medical applications that have been designed to withstand demanding operating conditions without failure or loss of power. We stand behind the quality of our products and test them extensively to ensure you will always be able to trust your battery solutions.

In addition to our broad selection of medical batteries, we also supply 24V battery chargers that have been certified and approved for rehabilitation and medical care applications.

Discover the advantages of medical care batteries

Are you looking for a battery supplier who can help you replace and maintain the medical batteries you depend on? Intercel medical batteries can be ordered from stock for a wide variety of applications, ranging from home medical equipment such as patient lifts and mobile IV pumps to mobility solutions like scooters and electric wheelchairs. Naturally, we can also deliver custom solutions made to your specifications and advise you on the best battery for your application.

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