Battery for mobility scooter

Battery for mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are a fantastic solution for the physical therapy sector, as they have the power to provide renewed mobility where little or none previously existed. In past years, Intercel has diligently supplied high quality lead-acid batteries for use in mobility scooters. Reliability and a long operating lifetime are the ideals we pursue, as we know the difference the right battery can make in terms of safety, user experience and comfort. These are the areas where the Cellpower CPC series of AGM batteries truly shine. Their capability to be deeply discharged and recharged frequently means they help users get the most out of their mobility scooter.

These products are suitable for mobility scooters

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Gel battery for scooter

If you have the prefer to install a Gel battery for your mobility scooter, we can help you as well. Intercel delivers a special range of gel batteries for scooters. Batteries of the pbq gel series are specially made for cyclic use. We offer Gel batteries of the pbq Gel series ideal for cyclic use in mobility scooters. A Gel battery full recovers from deep discharge even when the battery is not recharged immediately. pbq Gel batteries have a good tolerance to high temperature environments. Gel batteries are also very ideal for mobility scooters, because they have thicker plates to reduce grid corrosion and increased cycle life.

Intercel batteries will enhance the reliability of your mobility scooter

When you depend on your mobility scooter to get from point A to point B, the last thing you want is for it to suddenly stop working somewhere along the way due to battery problems. Thanks to Intercel’s dedication to supplying reliable batteries, such situations can be avoided. Using our batteries means never having to wonder whether you'll reach your destination.

Mobility scooter battery series

Intercel offers several series of batteries specifically designed for use with mobility scooters:

CPC series by Cellpower, suited for deep-cycle use  |  CPX series by Cellpower, equipped for extreme deep-cycle use  |  NPC series by YUASA, deep-cycle use

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