Battery for security

Battery for security

Our world depends on electricity for everything – from large-scale industry to small business, the uses and benefits of electric power are virtually endless. When it comes to our safety, however, reliable access to power is of even greater importance. The systems that protect our lives and our property must always be vigilant, and that requires security battery solutions that are both dependable and robust.

The security industry has many potential applications for batteries, as alarms and sensors require reliable power. Are you looking for a battery for your security system, fire alarm system or emergency light system? Thanks to our extensive experience and professional dedication, Intercel can supply the right battery for any purpose. In the overview below, you can choose from various AGM batteries best suited for each security industry application. Intercel offers a broad range of lead-acid battery products specifically designed for the security industry, ensuring that you will always find what you are looking for.

alarmsystems | fire alarm systems | emergency Lightning systems

Security battery solutions by Intercel

From fire safety installations to emergency lights and alarm systems, the continuity of any security application is determined by the quality of the security battery that powers it. Intercel Europe understands how important these systems are. If you’re looking for the best security battery, our batteries are the safest choice.

These products are suitable for security systems

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Choosing the right battery when security matters

Do you need a security battery to keep your alarm systems operational in the event of a power failure? Does the safety infrastructure of your workplace require security battery power to function? We offer a wide range of maintenance-free AGM batteries for security systems, fire alarms, emergency light fixtures and other autonomous safety systems. Our batteries are subjected to rigorous quality controls and testing procedures, ensuring they will always provide the level of dependability you need.

Naturally, Intercel understands that no two security battery applications are alike. That’s why we also offer the option of custom-made battery solutions in addition to our factory stock batteries and battery packs.

Improve your security with a Intercel battery

If reliable power is your primary concern, Intercel has everything you need to keep you, your workforce and your property safe. Our security battery products already protect lives and assets around the world. As an experienced battery distributor, we can deliver security battery solutions to your exact specifications and our dedicated engineers can assist you with any maintenance, servicing and installation you may require. An alarm system requires the highest quality and reliability on the market, so come to Intercel to find the right battery for your alarm system. Intercel’s batteries and battery packs, perfect for your emergency light system. If you need an absolutely reliable battery for your central emergency light system, or battery packs for decentralized emergency light systems, Intercel has the quality solution you require.

Battery for alarm systems

The battery that fits your alarm system.

Battery for emergency lightning

Accu’s voor centrale noodverlichting en accupacks voor decentrale noodverlichting

Battery for fire alarm systems

De betrouwbare accu voor uw brandmeldsysteem

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