Alarm system battery

Alarm system battery

Alarm system battery needed for your home security supply? Intercel knows the importance of having a reliable back-up battery for your alarm system. Buying an extra alarm battery or having a replacement on hand is never a bad idea for the responsible home owner who is always trying to think one step ahead of a burglar and natural disaster. In alarms systems, the quality of the battery used is of the utmost importance. Using batteries of poor quality will lead to more frequent system errors and related problems. Intercel has years of experience, both in an advisory role and as a supplier of high-quality batteries for alarm systems. This allows us to deliver the most reliable AGM battery for your alarm system, ensuring unnecessary errors are prevented.

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Reliable alarm system with an Intercel battery

Besides offering an exhaustive range of sealed lead-acid batteries for use in alarm systems, we also feel very strongly that the quality of our batteries is important. For alarm systems we therefore supply VdS-certified batteries. A VdS certification means a battery fully meets the requirements imposed by the security industry. The VdS certificates can be downloaded from the download page

Alarm system battery: what is important?

What happens if a burglar cuts the power to your home when you’re running on a hardwired system? How do you stay alert when a power outage occurs in the middle of the night? What if the alarm battery dies in your wireless alarm system? You won’t have to worry about these questions again because Intercel has the answers you need in our huge stock of alarm system batteries. Alarm system batteries, brand new, will last for about 3-5 years. We offer a large range of VdS certified batteries for standby applications. We have superlative and powerful AGM batteries directly available from our battery warehouse.

AGM and Lithium battery for Alarm system

For power to your alarm system, we carry UPS battery products that are ideal for security, emergency lighting and alarm systems. We also offer custom made Lithium batteries fit to specific alarm systems. Most of our AGM and Lithium batteries are generic and will work for more than one system, but Intercel takes pride in finding the right product for the right customer. Browse our website and find the alarm battery that best suited to your alam system. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.

12 volt 7 amp battery

The 12 volt 7 amp battery is the most common battery used for alarm systems in the security industry. Intercel Europe offers pbq, Yuasa and Cellpower 12 volt 7 amp batteries directly from stock. These VRLA batteries can be mounted in any postion.

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