Solar battery

Solar battery

The rays of our Sun are an ideal source of energy for autonomous energy systems designed to run independently of mains AC. Therefore, Intercel offers a special selection of AGM batteries for solar panels and other solar energy applications. These batteries are capable of being charged and discharged many times, making them excellent for use as deep-cycle solar batteries. However, their capacity to be trickle charged means these solar panel batteries can also be used for standby applications and emergency power. Intercel Europe delivers the right Solar battery for you energy system. We want to make a difference with our pbq battery product line; we do this by offering excellent quality batteries for solar panels. We make solar power more accessible for everyone! Intercel delivers 2V batteries6V batteries and 12V Deep Cycle batteries for Solar panels. We also give advice and make the right calculation of a battery solution for off grid Solar energy systems.

These products are suitable for solar applications

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Solar batteries of excellent quality

With natural recourses depleting at a rapid rate, it is necessary for us to develop new ways of generating clean energy. Solar power has always been one of the more known ways of generating clean energy, but has traditionally been a very expensive way of doing it. Which is why Intercel has designed solar batteries that are far more accessible and are of an excellent quality.

Cost-effective Solar solutions with 2V Single Cell batteries

With natural resources like fossil fuels depleting rapidly, we have to develop new ways of fulfilling our energy needs. Solar power has always been one of the ways to do this, but for a long time it was not accessible to a large audience. With the development of the pbq Single Cell batteries, Intercel had made a difference within this field. The pbq Single Cell series which include all of our 2V solar batteries have been lauded for their power and wide range of applicability. Low cost solar batteries for a better and cleaner world.

Solar applications with 2V batteries

The pbq SC series has been built and well tested in energy demanding fields like telecommunications, UPS / emergency power and pumping systems. Solar systems are gaining importance every day, Intercel is ahead of the curve with their highly effective solar batteries. Solar batteries are made for everyone and applicable in nearly every battery application.

Solar panel charger

Our solar panels charger batteries makes sure you can accumulate enough solar energy to accustom your energy needs. Intercel’s products range are known for their longevity and lauded for their quality build, the batteries we produce for a solar panels charger is no exception. Solar power is the future of clean and sustainable energy.

Solar battery suited for use with a solar panel battery charger

Intercel solar batteries have many advantages, such as:

Special designs for deep-cycle applications | Long Life | Low self-discharge | High charging current | High reliability

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