Windturbine battery

Windturbine battery

Intercel is your worldwide dealer of windturbine batteries. The most popular battery types for wind turbines are Cyclic AGM batteries. From the cost and reliability perspective, this established technology continues to dominate. Lead acid batteries have to be treated with care or they will need replacing very quickly. Especially for wind turbines Intercel offers a wide collection of Cyclic batteries with all related battery accessories to supply a complete wind energy system.

In terms of sustainability, the energy of the wind is both plentiful and reliable. Wind turbines are capable of harnessing this energy, making them ideal energy sources for energy systems that are required to operate independently of mains power. This energy, however, needs to be stored in order to be used effectively. Intercel's AGM batteries are the perfect solution for systems powered by wind energy - our batteries can be used in deep-cycle applications that require them to be charged and discharged often, and also as standby or emergency power sources.

These products are suitable for wind turbine battery systems

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The best battery for wind energy applications

The advantages of Intercel wind energy batteries include:

Special designs for deep-cycle applications  |  Long Life  |  Low self-discharge  |  High charging current  |  High reliability

Finding the right battery for your wind energy source

Batteries suited for deep-cycle wind energy applications:

CPC series by Cellpower, Cyclic AGM batteries | CPX series by Cellpower, Extreme Cyclic AGM batteries | Yellow Top series by Optima, Cyclic spiral AGM batteries

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