Telecom battery

Telecom battery solutions are excellent “floor space savers”. A Telecom battery is designed with front access terminals and small footprint, what makes them ideal for 19inch rack systems. Front access batteries can help solve limited floor space and access problems by Telecommunication systems. Intercel offers front access batteries, these Telecom batteries are deliverable from stock. We also offer the right Telecom battery tester for front access batteries. 

These products are suitable for telecom battery solutions

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Telecom battery technology 

Intercel’s Telecom AGM batteries covers Ah capacities from 50Ah to 180Ah with dimensions suitable for 19inch and 23inch racking systems for maximum space utilization. Specially designed racks and cabinets are available with cables and connectors to suit. AGM Telecom battery technology is especially suited for premium sites with low to medium outage rates and climate controlled environments, for more extreme temperature variations and increased cyclic demands please contact the Intercel team for the best Telecom battery systems. Intercel offers a wide variety of sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries for telecommunication applications such as telephone exchanges. Sealed AGM batteries such as those offered by Intercel are frequently used as emergency power supplies for telecommunications purposes. As user demands may vary, we supply both multi-purpose and long-life versions of these batteries.

Specialized batteries for telecommunication

Do you seek a specific battery for your telephone exchange? If so, Intercel would be more than happy to provide you with specific and professional advice concerning batteries for telecommunication applications. Our years of experience in this field has furnished us with exhaustive knowledge of telecommunications batteries and a wide range of products to choose from. Feel free to browse our product catalogue, which contains many battery series suitable for use in telephone exchanges.

Which is the best battery for your telephone exchange?

An overview of Cellpower’s various series of batteries designed for the telecom industry:

CP series by Cellpower or NP series by YUASA, multi-purpose | CPL series by Cellpower, long life use | CPW series by Cellpower or UPS-MRX series by C&D TECHNOLOGIES, high-current and long life use

For use in telecommunications cabinets and narrow installations, Cellpower has designed front-access AGM batteries. This type of battery has a narrow form factor and its leads are conveniently positioned at the front. This is the following Cellpower battery series:

CPF series by Cellpower, long life battery for front-access applications

Battery for telecommunication, industry and UPS

We offer you a wide range of high quality batteries e.g for telecommunication applications, industry and UPS. You can get also planning, dimensioning and installation if needed. We also take care of the recycling of the old batteries.

Telecom battery features

Telecom front access batteries are designed to meet the future needs of the Telecommunications applications. A Telecom battery has the following benefits:

Suited for 19” / 23” racking systems | High power volume ratio | Long design life – 12 years | Front connections and terminal access | Low self discharge rates | Low internal resistance | For 98% recyclable | Compactness

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