Telecom battery tester

Telecom battery tester

Battery management and testing are critical for maintaining power integrity for telecom battery systems. Telecom battery testers are available by battery warehouse Intercel. We offer several battery testers for Telecom battery systems. Our Telecom battery testers are suitable for conductance testing, but also to measure the remaining capacity of your Telecom battery. Especially for Front Access batteries, who are often used in the Telecom battery industry, it’s easy to measure your battery by our range of Telecom battery testers.

Telecom battery tests by our engineers

Intercel Europe also offers you the service to measure your Telecom battery system by our own service engineers. We have the knowledge and technical knowhow to install battery management systems for large data centers and Telecommunication systems. Our experienced project managers and VCA-certified engineers can handle every phase of Telecom battery testing and maintenance for you, freeing you to focus on the daily operations of your business. We offer a lot of battery services, in addition to the distribution of Telecom battery testers.

Benefits of a Telecom battery tester

  • Large range of battery testers including special conductance testers
  • Special battery testers to measure the remaining capacity of your Telecom battery
  • Service to measure your Telecom battery system by our engineers
  • Large range of Telecom batteries on stock