Traffic battery

Traffic battery solutions

Roads play a central role in our daily lives. We depend on them for transportation, commuting and even recreation – but we often take the systems that make our journey possible for granted. Modern arterial roads and highways incorporate a wide variety of autonomous electronic systems to guide us to our destinations and keep us safe along the way, and an increasing number of these systems rely on traffic battery solutions for power.

Intercel recognizes the importance of the role that these traffic battery applications play in our world. As a battery supplier we are in a position to make traffic systems safer and more dependable, and we take our obligations towards quality, service and reliability very seriously.

Dependable battery products for standalone traffic applications

Speed cameras, traffic lights, solar-powered parking meters and traffic measuring systems need battery power to function properly. Power failure can have far-reaching consequences for off grid traffic systems, ranging from the loss of important research data to the endangerment of motorists that depend on signaling systems to navigate safely.

AGM traffic battery solutions

As a direct result, autonomous traffic systems require battery solutions that can stand the test of time and all-weather performance. Luckily, Intercel has a wide range of traffic AGM batteries was designed for heavy cyclic duty and frequent charging cycles. Our AGM traffic battery solutions are robust, maintenance-free and guaranteed to provide long operational lifespans.

Find the right battery for your traffic systems

Are you looking for a suitable replacement for a traffic battery? Do you need battery products for a new traffic system and are you unsure about your operational requirements? We have many high-performance batteries in stock to choose from. Should the need arise, we can also calculate comprehensive energy solutions for your systems and advise you on the best traffic battery for the job.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact the Intercel team directly. Whether you are looking for custom solutions or would simply like to know more about our traffic battery products, we’re always glad to be of service.