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Battery pack for hydrogen-powered excavator Custa

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Customised battery for zero-emission hydrogen-powered excavator Custa

Machines are responsible for no less than 9% of CO2 emissions from mobile sources in the Netherlands. The market, government and society are sounding the alarm and there is a need for environmentally friendly and cleaner construction work. Meeting the stricter environmental requirements brings challenges for (construction) companies. The ECO Excavator project would like to address this urgent issue and is working on a solution that can completely reduce the emissions of existing excavators to zero.

The consortium, consisting of Van Beers aannemersbedrijf Hoogeloon, HFX-Research and H2Storage, is developing a zero-emission hydrogen-powered excavator, called Custa, that at least equals the continuity and production capacity of a conventional excavator.

HyMove, supplier of the fuel cell solutions, has appointed Intercel as the specialist in customised batteries for electrification. After a period of intensive contact with the investors and partners, Intercel came up with a sound solution that fits in well with the ECO Excavator’s wishes and requirements: a 665.6V battery pack with an energy capacity of 66.56 kWh. The design was made in consultation, taking into account the available space in the excavator.

“Intercel combines its knowledge and experience, taking exact account of technical requirements, commercial interests and legislation.”

The Custa will be on display for the first time from 11 – 13 October 2022 at the Zero Emission event Ecomobiel in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.

For more information about the tailor-made battery for the Custa click here.

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