Alkaline, lithium and silver oxide button cells

Alkaline, lithium and silver oxide button cells

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
DURACELL DL 16203VDL1620 / CR1620
DURACELL DL 20163VDL2016 / CR2016
DURACELL DL 20253VDL2025 / CR2025
DURACELL DL 20323VDL2032 / CR2032
VARTA 3011.55VSR43
VARTA 3031.55VSR44
VARTA 3091.55VSR48
VARTA 3151.55VSR67
VARTA 3171.55VSR62
VARTA 3191.55VSR64
VARTA 3211.55VSR65
VARTA 3291.55VV329
VARTA 3351.55VV335
VARTA 3371.55VV337
VARTA 3391.55VV339
VARTA 3411.55VV341
VARTA 3441.55VSR42
VARTA 3461.55VV346
VARTA 3501.55VSR42
VARTA 3571.55VSR44
VARTA 3611.55VSR58
VARTA 3621.55VSR58
VARTA 3641.55VSR60
VARTA 3701.55VSR69
VARTA 3711.55VSR69
VARTA 3731.55VSR68
VARTA 3771.55VSR66
VARTA 3791.55VSR63
VARTA 3811.55VSR55
VARTA 3841.55VSR41
VARTA 3861.55VSR42
VARTA 3891.55VSR54
VARTA 3901.55VSR54
VARTA 3911.55VSR55
VARTA 3921.55VSR41
VARTA 3931.55VSR48
VARTA 3941.55VSR45
VARTA 3951.55VSR57
VARTA 3961.55VSR59
VARTA 3971.55VSR59
VARTA 3991.55VSR57
VARTA CR 12163VCR1216
VARTA CR 12203VCR1220
VARTA CR 16163VCR1616
VARTA CR 16203VCR1620
VARTA CR 20163VCR2016
VARTA CR 20253VCR2025
VARTA CR 20323VCR2032
VARTA CR 23203VCR2320
VARTA CR 24303VCR2430
VARTA CR 24503VCR2450
VARTA V 23 GA12VLRV08 / 23A

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Button Cells

Looking for a button cell? At Intercel you are at the right place! We supply button cells for various applications including less current button cell batteries. These are suitable for applications such as alarms, hearing aids, calculators, cameras, MP3 players, and remote computers.

Alkaline, lithium and silver oxide button cells

A button cell is a disc-shaped battery consisting of a metal canister with a metal lid, the canister is usually connected with the positive and the lid with the negative pole. The name refers to the similarity to a button and the fact that it is one battery cell. There are many types of button cells in various sizes and with different voltages. For each application Intercel can supply the correct coin cell.

Varta and Duracell button cells

Intercel delivers alkaline, lithium and silver oxide button cells of the Duracell and Varta brands.

Varta button cells

Intercel delivers a complete range of Varta button cells.

Duracell button cells

Intercel offers a complete range of Duracell button cells.