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Intercel presents! Battery revolution at the Intersolar 🌞

CPXC 170-12 | Intercel

Intercel participates to the world’s leading trade fair Intersolar in Munich.

We are proud to present various energy storage solutions to you. Our team is constantly innovating and improving our energy storage systems for EPC companies that plan, sell and build solar power plants.

Our goal? Constant innovation so that our partners can make a real difference in this competitive market.

At the end of this email you will find a link for a free ticket.

Two concrete examples that we will present at Intersolar

Stationary energy storage with lead-carbon or lithium batteries

  • Our new generation of lead carbon batteries, with no less than 4000 cycles!
  • The lithium batteries have 5000 cycles, are smaller and much lighter
  • Equipped with a new generation 88 kVA battery inverter.
  • Also check out our updated EMS, which enables truly intelligent storage

Mobile energy storage based on our proven lithium batteries

  • The functions are highly portable and waterproof
  • Robust industrial housing that can take a beating
  • The lithium batteries have 5000 cycles and are space-saving
  • Equipped with a compact and waterproof 36 kVA bidirectional battery inverter

In addition to the above examples, our specialists are ready to help you with any energy storage requirements related to the installation of solar panels.

  • Β Is there much or little space to place batteries?
  • Are the batteries dry or in the open?
  • Is there a large or modest budget?
  • Do the batteries have to withstand extreme cycles?
  • Is it stationary or mobile energy storage?

We present everything to you in concrete solutions that you can work with immediately.

Come by our stand and we will recommend the right solution for you. Guaranteed.

Event: Intersolar
Where: Munich, Hall B2, Stand 480
When: 11 – 13 May 2022

We have vouchers for a day ticket available, contact your account manager directly and request your vouched.

Will we see you May 11, 12 or 13 in Munich?

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