Intercel is an expert in solutions for electrical energy systems and emergency-power systems. A customised energy system can be powered with a dynamo or through the grid, but the power can also come from solar power or wind energy. Intercel supplies customised UPS systems (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for AC and DC systems.

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Emergency Power

Nearly every business depends on electricity; there is no business without power. In order to bridge the gap in the event of an emergency, Intercel supplies customised UPS battery solutions. The batteries are produced in accordance with the AGM technology, which keeps operational and maintenance costs as low as possible. Read More

Customised energy systems

Intercel is an expert in solutions for electrical energy systems. A customised energy system can be powered with a dynamo or through the grid, but the power can also come from solar power or wind energy. Intercel offers mobile, maritime and autonomous energy systems for service vehicles, elevated work platforms, vessels, ambulances and dynamometer wagons. . Read more


Whether you are looking for training in the area of specific maintenance, financing (leasing) of existing and/or new systems, leasing battery systems for a longer or shorter period of time, advice on waste flows or taking over your goods flow by matching it to business operations, we can provide these services in consultation. Read more

More than batteries

The world is changing rapidly and technology has become our best friend. Everything is mobile, operates with remote control or requires a back-up. The question for the future is What is the most efficient way to store sustainable energy? Intercel supplies, maintains, tests and designs batteries. Making energy available 24/7 with the least possible impact on the environment. That is what Intercel's contribution is aimed at. Our objective: Always the smartest product for your application.

AGM accu's

AGM batteries

Environmentally friendly and maintenance free

AGM batteries are perfect for almost every application. Environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, relatively economical and because of their long lifespan they are ideal for emergency systems, telephone exchanges and alarm systems, but also for lawn mowers, wheelchairs or vacuum cleaners.


Battery chargers

Always 100% ready

Batteries need to be charged regularly, even with minimal use. Intercel supplies all types of chargers, for example a combi-charger with waterproof housing or a drip charger that drip-charges the battery to ensure it is always 100% charged.

gell accu's

GEL batteries

Vibrations and shocks are not a problem

Gel batteries are super stable and a mechanical powerhouse, and resist vibrations or shocks without any difficulties. They are just as environmentally friendly as their brother AGM, but suitable for more applications including solar power and wind energy, in vehicles or at sea.


Battery testers

Optimum performance

What is the point of a battery if it does not perform in the best possible way? Regular testing is key. Intercel tests on site with a DC Loadbank, which simulates an emergency or it supplies user-friendly software so you can perform the tests.

Lithium accu's

Lithium batteries

Modern applications

In lithium batteries, the LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate) is the basis of modern applications, such as laptops and smartphones. Light-weight, but a heavy weight when it comes to discharges and high currents. Intercel supplies customised lithium battery packs.


Emergency light packs

For every fitting

Intercel provides a range of battery packs for emergency lighting; alongside or on top of each other and of course resistant against high ambient temperatures. With the correct connection, Cellpower battery packs can be supplied for every type of emergency light fitting.

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