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Battery assembly in product

In many power storage solutions, autonomous energy sources and emergency power systems, AGM batteries must be configured in banks or arrays in order for the system to function properly. If your battery systems are not wired and assembled according to the batteries’ specifications, safety hazards and other operational issues may arise.

Battery assembly services

Intercel offers dedicated battery assembly services to help our clients minimize these risks. Our technicians can handle the assembly of your battery systems quickly, effectively and professionally, allowing you to focus on your core business. Whether you need to install a single rack of batteries or a full-scale industrial UPS, our battery assembly services are the easiest way to guarantee that your power systems will operate correctly.

Accu assemblage op locatie voor iedere toepassing

Are you planning to replace the batteries that power your UPS systems, or have you decided to install new emergency power solutions? Do you need professional battery technicians to assemble your autonomous power installations or other battery applications? Intercel has the knowledge and know-how to take care of all your battery assembly needs.

Battery logistics and on-site assembly

Intercel Europe provides dedicated battery assembly services for all power storage applications. Based on your requirements, we can assemble your battery solutions in cabinets or clusters for easy installation. Additionally, we can also handle the logistics and on-site assembly of your battery systems. Our battery specialists can assist you in all local installation procedures, regardless of the type of battery you use.

Discover versatile battery assembly services

Do you need to replace your UPS battery system and are you looking for a supplier who can make sure your battery assembly is carried out properly? Would you like to put the assembly of your UPS battery system in the hands of dedicated professionals? At Intercel Europe, your systems are in good hands. Our VCA-certified technicians allow us to support a wide variety of battery assembly scenarios, from the installation of batteries and 19” power supplies for evacuation systems to complete on-site assembly of UPS battery arrays.

Would you like to know more about our assembly services, or do you need help placing your order? Contacting the Intercel team is the easiest way to handle your power storage needs.