Custom battery-systems at Intercel

Custom battery systems and solutions

Since 1988 we install battery systems for emergency back ups. In order to make the most suitable quotation o a battery system of an Uninterrypted Power Supply system, we would like to receive the details of the existing system or calculate the best solutions.


Does your company rely on emergency power systems to guard vital infrastructure against power failures? Do you operate in areas where grid access is impractical or unreliable? When the continuity of your business depends on UPS systems or autonomous energy sources, the quality of your power storage plays an important role in protecting your added value.

For many specific applications, custom battery systems are the only way to guarantee consistent access to electrical power. Calculating these systems can be challenging. After all, your performance criteria aren’t the only requirements your custom battery solutions must meet – quality, safety and cost are also key design factors. Intercel Europe has the expertise to balance these factors perfectly, making our custom battery systems the ideal choice for any application.

The advantages of customized battery systems

Calculating and designing custom battery systems requires a thorough understanding of batteries – chemistries, dimensions, specifications and operational tolerances all play a role in the final result. As an international battery supplier and distributor, we have extensive experience with battery products and their battery applications. Our VCA-certified engineers work closely with you to ensure that your custom battery solution will meet your specific needs without exceeding the physical limits imposed by your location.

Naturally, all our custom battery solutions follow strict quality standards and guidelines. We understand that you need power storage systems you can trust. Our top-rated AGM batteries and Lithium batteries can be operated safely and reliably under extremely demanding circumstances while simultaneously offering long operational life spans.

Maintenance and installation services for custom battery systems

Are you looking for battery specialist who can calculate the power requirements for custom battery systems? Do you need a professional to install, repair or maintain your UPS emergency power infrastructure? Intercel Europe offers comprehensive custom battery solutions. Whether you need a service partner to handle your battery maintenance or a technician to install your custom battery systems on-site, we can handle any aspect of your energy needs.

Would you like to know more about our products or UPS services? Please feel free to browse our website or contact one of our engineers directly to discuss your project. Whatever your application may be, Intercel has the right custom battery solution for the job.