Practical advice about batteries for Emergency

Identification of requirements at any desired location

On-site identification of requirements for the ideal battery solution. Experience has shown that customers highly appreciate an on-site appraisal of system requirements, leading Intercel to offer these identification procedures as part of our core services. During an appraisal, we will conduct a professional on-site survey of your situation and identify the requirements that will need to be met to ensure that a battery system meets your needs perfectly. This involves checking available electrical cables, ambient temperature and local logistics. Once the operational requirements have been identified, we will be able to advise you on the ideal solution.

Backup battery solutions

With so many variables to deal with, it can helpful to rely on professional advice when developing your battery backup systems. Fortunately, Intercel Europe can provide the battery products you need. Our experience as a UPS battery distributor gives us a unique perspective on the operational requirements of emergency power systems. As a result, our team is capable of offering advice on backup battery solutions for any practical application.

Advantages of professional battery backup advice

When you need to calculate the requirements of a backup battery system, expert advice can be an invaluable asset. The specifications of your emergency power solution will determine its ability to support the vital infrastructure of your business during power outages; professional advice can help determine which backup battery will offer the best results.

The engineers at Intercel Europe can offer specialized advice on your backup battery systems, allowing you to prevent design oversights and ensure that your backup power solutions will operate without the parameters you desire. In addition, we offer a variety of services that will make it easier to maintain your UPS systems.

Advice on battery backup systems

Over the years, Intercel has calculated, designed and developed custom UPS battery solutions for a wide range of international clients. Our specialists offer advice on backup battery systems throughout Europe and can assist you in every phase of development – from calculation and installation to maintenance and repair.

Naturally, practical advice on backup battery systems isn’t all that Intercel Europe has to offer. With an extensive logistical network and a substantial stock of AGM batteries to choose from, we are able to provide high-quality battery solutions for almost any application.

Are you looking for specific information about one of our products, or would you like to know more about the backup battery advice we provide? Please feel free to contact our team. Intercel is always ready to answer your questions.