Emergency power - Specials

Specials - Custom made Emergency Power systems

Intercel makes a lot of specials for emergency power. We offer battery cabinets, battery racks, string separators, battery switches and string isolator boxes. Our technical staff can also create custom-made specials for you, no solution is too much for Intercel.

Battery cabinet

Our technicians install and replace batteries of emergency power systems. Besides the supply and installation of batteries, Intercel designs battery cabinets. These battery cabinets are assembled by our technical staff and can be made to customer specifications. Below you see one of our battery cabinets that we have custom made for one of our customers.



Above you see an Intercel battery cabinet, a mobile battery system with Cellpower Battery Monitoring Module and two battery racks.

Battery rack

Besides battery cabinets we offer a great variety in battery racks. The battery racks we provide are mostly made of steel and coated with a plastic layer (flamulit) to prevent leakage currents.

Custom-made battery rack

For each area, we can devise a tailor-made battery rack. Our battery racks are variable in depth, width and height. Our Project Managers work with a computer program with which the battery racks can be drawn. With this program is the size of the battery racks can be determined, drawings can be printed out and the price of your battery rack can be calculated very quickly. The program is based on your battery and data files. See above for one of the battery racks that we supply.

String isolator boxes

We also design and create very unique string isolator boxes for UPS systems.

Canalis rail string isolator box

We also offer custom-made cabinets for canalis rail systems. Increasingly, rail systems are used instead of separate cabling. For example canalis rail systems are used to connect the battery system to your UPS. Again, we can supply custom-made sibs (string isolator boxes). 12 chains in parallel to a 2500Amps. is no problem for us. Below is an example of one of our sibs for canalis rail.