Mobile energy solutions

Mobile energy solutions

The ever-increasing need for mobility has given rise to a growing demand for mobile power systems capable of supplying 230 VAC to power equipment. For businesses and consumers in need of mobile energy solutions, Intercel has many options to choose from. Thanks to our mobile power inverters, the era of unwieldy fuel-powered generators has given way to a new age in which quiet, compact and maintenance-free mobile energy solutions are the norm. Intercel supplies inverters capable of transforming available battery power into the necessary 230 VAC, facilitating a more environmentally friendly, noise-free work environment while conserving valuable space in vehicles such as service trucks. In cooperation with our clients, Intercel selects the desired combination of batteries, battery chargers and inverters along with necessary battery accessories to provide perfect mobile energy solutions.

Insulation Guard

In situations where one is required to work outside the vehicle with equipment powered by an onboard 230 VAC power supply the NEN 1010 standard requires that a residual current device be installed. The Cellpower insulation guard is the most cost effective security measure available on the market.