Batteries for off grid standalone systems

Off grid standalone systems

Intercel designs, calculates and delivers complete sustainable autonomous energy systems. AGM batteries that can store electricity from solar and wind generation farms are a key component of a sustainable energy system. Special Deep Cycle AGM batteries and related battery accessories can be delivered to create a sustainable energy solution. We also supply solar panels, converters / inverters, cables and connectors to create a complete Sustainable energy system.

Off grid power systems

When the utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring in to your home or cabin, solar panels and wind turbines allow you to be your own utility company! You can live in peace, with no noisy gas generator to disturb the quiet. There are several variations of off-grid solar and wind power to create a sustainable energy system, depending on your needs and budget. All variations of off grid energy systems depends on solar panels and wind turbines to store electricity in a bank of batteries. DC off grid solar power systems are most often used to power DC appliances in RV’s, boats, and campers / caravans, as well as farm/ranch appliances like cattle gates and rural telecommunications systems when utility power is not accessible.