Battery for sustainable energy systems

Which battery do I need for a sustainable energy system?

Intercel offers several VRLA battery products and Lithium batteries for sustainable energy systems. Most common batteries for Solar and Wind applications are Deep Cycle AGM batteries, Single cell AGM batteries (2V) and Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Intercel helps you making the right choice of a suitable battery for your sustainable energy system.

Sustainable autonomous energy solutions – solar chargers

As part of our efforts to contribute to a better environment, Intercel offers a selection of sustainable autonomous energy solutions capable of supplying power in situations where mains AC is unavailable or unreliable. Our sustainable autonomous energy solutions consist of dedicated solar and wind energy systems. In order to better cater to customer needs, Intercel offers a choice between DC and AC output.

Intercel solar and wind charged batteries - the best autonomous energy solutions

Intercel's autonomous energy systems collect energy from sustainable sources, storing it in our maintenance-free sealed batteries. In order to safeguard against excessively deep discharge, Intercel can also supply a battery guard along with the energy system. For systems consisting of multiple batteries, Intercel supplies battery combining relays that allow each battery to be optimally charged. There are many situations in which a sustainable autonomous energy system may be necessary, and no two situations are the same. Intercel will gladly assist you in finding the sustainable energy solution that best fits your needs..