Intercel offers certaincy

Intercel’s expertise offers added security for battery systems

To prevent unpleasant technical surprises, Intercel offers her clients maintenance contracts specifically tailored to their needs. Each contract is drafted in close cooperation with the client and any third parties that may be involved, such as for example the supplier of their UPS systems. This allows us to optimize maintenance levels and maximize efficiency. On top of this service contract, it is of course also possible to extend the standard warranty or enter into a lease agreement. At Intercel Europe, we understand that our customers and their businesses depend on the quality of the battery products we deliver. Whether you manufacture electrical vehicles, maintain home medical equipment or operate emergency power supplies that protect your important data and production systems, you should always be able to rely on the quality of your power storage solutions.

Guaranteed battery quality

Intercel takes great care to ensure that our products and services always meet your operational requirements. Our battery specialists monitor the quality of all incoming stock to guarantee that our batteries are consistently reliable and safe. In addition, we offer unique extended warranty options that can help you reduce maintenance costs and protect the continuity of your business. We strive to keep the quality of its batteries consistent and dependable. After all, defects or failures can have serious consequences for your daily operations and service level. All our batteries are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, and our technicians regularly test our stock to ensure that the batteries we deliver will always meet your performance criteria.

Thanks to our focus on quality, you’ll never have to worry about continuity issues with Intercel batteries. Whether you need a maintenance-free AGM battery that can withstand deep cycle applications or a lithium battery capable of operating in high-temperature environments, we can deliver solutions that will consistently meet your expectations.

Extended warranty options

We believe in the quality of our products. Our battery products offer superior performance and long operational life spans – a fact which is reflected in our warranties. If you decide to install Intercel battery systems, you will receive a standard warranty of 3 years. This time period can be increased by way of an optional extended warranty, allowing you to protect your battery systems for a cumulative warranty period of up to 5 years.

Do you have any questions about our quality assurances, or would you like to discuss our extended warranty options? Our team is always ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact Intercel Europe team regarding any questions you may have.

3 years warranty5 years warranty