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Battery types

Which battery type do you need?

Intercel supplies different types of batteries for various applications and forms of use. Some battery types, for instance, are suitable for intensive cyclic use, while others can be stored for an entire season without affecting their use. Apart from that, battery types differ in weight, power output, and the way they handle vibrations and shocks. On this page, we tell you more about the characteristics of each battery type we offer, so you can find the one that best suits your application. Do you still have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

AGM batteries

AGM batteries are great for long-term autonomous applications and mobile use. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. This refers to the fiberglass mats that absorb the battery acid. Thanks to this innovative technology, AGM batteries are resistant to leaking and are virtually maintenance-free. The batteries can be stored for months without losing much charge, but can also be used for demanding cyclical applications.

Gel batteries

Among many other things, gel batteries can be used for electric transport, robotics, infrastructure and sustainable energy systems. Gel batteries thank their name to the gel between the plates, which is created by adding silicone to the battery acid. As a result, the battery acid cannot leak. This makes gel batteries resistant to vibrations and shocks. Next to that, gel batteries are characterized by their long service life and excellent performance at different discharge levels.

Lead carbon batteries

Lead carbon batteries are very similar to AGM batteries, but have an even longer lifespan and faster charge-discharge rate. The negative plates from carbon allow the acid to pass through and spread more easily. The result: a shorter charging cycle, lower internal resistance, greater capacity and less sulfation. This makes lead carbon batteries very suitable for, among other things, energy storage systems. electric vehicles and robotics.

Lithium batteries

​​Lithium batteries are characterized by their low weight, long life and large capacity. LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries in particular combine great performance with a high level of safety. This type of battery is 60% lighter and lasts for up to five times as many cycles as AGM batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are highly suitable for electric transport and other applications that require a low weight, large capacity and large number of cycles. In addition to lithium iron phosphate batteries, Intercel supplies lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries.

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