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Lead carbon batteries

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Always a lead carbon battery for your application

Looking for a lead carbon battery? Intercel offers high-quality lead carbon batteries from Cellpower. These batteries are maintenance-free, have a very long service life and charge quickly. Have a look at our product range or contact us for professional advice about the most suitable lead carbon battery for your application.

What are lead carbon batteries?

Lead carbon batteries are lead batteries with a carbon addition. The battery is constructed in a similar way as AGM batteries. The difference is that the negative plates of a lead carbon battery are constructed from lead and carbon. Carbon improves the permeability and dispersion of the acid, resulting in faster charging,  a lower internal resistance, greater capacity and less risk of sulphation. Sulfation often occurs when a battery has not been used for a long time, or has been deeply discharged. These properties make lead carbon batteries very suitable for a number of specific applications.

Discover the benefits of lead carbon batteries

Lead-carbon batteries have a number of important advantages over other types of deep-cycle batteries. Discover them here.

Long service life

The addition of carbon results in less internal resistance and less self-discharge when the battery is not in use. This has a positive effect on the battery’s service life. The lifespan of lead carbon batteries is even longer, because the batteries sulphate significantly less than comparable battery types. At 80% discharge, for example, a lead carbon battery can last for more than 1000 cycles.

Fast charging

Thanks to their innovative composition, lead-carbon batteries charge faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. This saves time, and allows you to quickly get back to work. When you use the lead carbon battery in combination with an Intercel battery charger, you get a 2 year warranty on the battery!

Partial loads are no problem  

A lead carbon battery doesn’t need to be fully charged to perform at a high level. This means the battery can be safely used when it is not completely charged. Also, intermediate charging has no negative effect on the performance or the service life of the battery. The battery can be discharged up to 80% without any problem.

Maintenance free

Lead carbon batteries are maintenance-free. Due to their minimal self-discharge and excellent protection against sulphation, you can safely store the battery for a long time. When you take it out after the winter season, for example, it is immediately ready to use.

High power

Compared to other lead-acid batteries, lead-carbon batteries have a large capacity, which makes them perfect for applications that require high loads.

Resistant to low temperatures

Lead carbon batteries are not sensitive to extreme temperatures and can be used at very low temperatures.

Same dimensions as AGM batteries

Lead carbon batteries have the same dimensions as most standard AGM batteries. This allows you to replace AGM batteries and gel batteries effortlessly 1-on-1.

For which applications can lead carbon batteries be used?

Lead carbon batteries are suitable for various applications. Due to their fast charging, high efficiency and great user-friendliness, they can be used as: