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Intercel is not dependent on any brand

If you want to be the best at something, that carries responsibility. Intercel has imported closed maintenance-free lead batteries for nearly 30 years. In order keep providing our clients with the best solutions, Intercel always thinks about the best battery, the best battery system or the best complete energy system. The experts of Intercel never cease to be aware of this responsibility. Intercel is not dependent on any brand and is able to supply batteries from different manufacturers.

Battery trade

Intercel means quality. As a specialist in the area of advice on and supplying AGM, GEL, NiCd and lithium batteries, Intercel occupies a central place in the world of batteries. We also supply battery packs, battery chargers, battery testers, supplies, converters and every other possible battery accessory. Whether it is for chargeable or non-chargeable batteries or for battery chargers, Intercel always has the smartest products.

Besides that, Intercel offers battery accessories from the following brands:

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Edwin van Oosten

Area Sales Manager Export
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