C&D Dynasty batteries

C&D Dynasty batteries

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C&D dynasty UPS batteries

C&D Dynasty VRLA batteries are trusted and reliable batteries for UPS systems. Intercel has sold and installed batteries for emergency power of C&D Technologies for over 15 years. C&D Dynasty batteries have a lifespan of 10 years at an ambient temperature of 25°C. These sealed, maintenance-free UPS batteries are produced using AGM technology. C&D Dynasty UPS batteries come with 3 years warranty. C&D Dynasty VRLA batteries can be installed in any position.

C&D Dynasty Battery Applications

The VRLA batteries of C&D Technologies are used in many applications. These AGM batteries are installed in data centers, banks, hospitals and emergency power applications.

C&D Dynasty AGM batteries, advantages:

  • -Installation in any desired position possible
  • - No explosive gasses, maintenance free (leak proof)
  • - 3 years warranty
  • - Very low self discharge
  • - Ideal to apply for diverse uses such as stationary, cyclic, high current and long life