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C&D Dynasty Batteries

C&D Dynasty UPS batteries

The C&D Dynasty VRLA battery is a tested and trusted battery for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. Intercel has been installing and selling C&D Technologies batteries for emergency power supplies for over 15 years. C&D Dynasty batteries have a service life of 10 years at a temperature of 25°C. These closed, maintenance-free batteries are produced with AGM technology. All C&D Dynasty batteries come with a warranty of three years. You can mount C&D Dynasty VRLA batteries in any position.

Applications of C&D Dynasty batteries

C&D Technologies’ VRLA batteries can be used in various emergency power applications. They can be applied, for instance, in data centers, banks, hospitals and other emergency power systems.

Advantages of C&D Dynasty AGM batteries

  • Can be mounted in any desired position 
  • Explosion-proof and maintenance-free (no leakage) 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Very low self-discharge 
  • Suited for diverse types of use: stationary, cyclic, high currents and long lifespan

C&D Dynasty UPS MRX battery series

C&D’s Dynasty High Rate Max batteries are specifically designed for UPS applications. This series of UPS MRX batteries provides maximum service life while respecting strict industrial standards and meeting all quality requirements. That is why C&D Dynasty UPS MRX series batteries are the number one choice of UPS companies, distributors and installers.

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