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CLN series

Cellpower CLN series

Cyclic Lithium battery series (1800 cycles)

The Cellpower CLN Lithium NMC series makes Lithium accessible. They have the same characteristics as Lithium-Iron batteries, but are much more economical.

The Lithium technology ensures that CLN batteries achieve up to 3 times more cycles than AGM battery models with a comparable performance and they are more resistant to interim charging. All that while only being half the size and weight. The Cellpower CLN series is able to provide powerful cyclic performances over longer periods without any noticeable loss of capacity.

The Cellpower CLN series has been tested under the most challenging conditions in order to guarantee maximum performance. With the high temperature resistance and solid housing, you can be certain that a CLN battery will continue to perform where other batteries would have stopped a long time ago.

Cellpower CLN battery series:

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