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CLPL series

Cellpower CLPL series

Cyclic Lithium battery series (6000 cycles)

The Cellpower CLPL (Professional Line) is the Lithium Battery series that offers both standard battery blocks and customised modular batteries.

The standard battery blocks of the CLPL series use Lithium-Iron technology (LiFePO4). As a result, CLPL batteries offer extreme cyclic performance, are lightweight and compact in size. CLPL batteries are in the absolute top of cyclic batteries when it comes to performance and long-term reliability. CLPL batteries provide unrivalled performance.

Modular CLPL batteries cannot only be assembled from battery cells with Lithium-Iron technology, but also with Lithium NMC or Lithium LTO. These all-in-one energy solutions are configured entirely according to the wishes and requirements of the end user and can therefore only be supplied on request.

Cellpower CLPL series:

  • CLPL 20-12
  • CLPL 40-12
  • CLPL 60-12
  • CLPL 100-12